Create a Website: Layouts (CSS II)


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You are getting the hang of those basic CSS rules, and even though your site is starting to look good, you feel like you could do more. If this is you, then this class is for you. We will not be diving into completely uncharted territory, but we will build upon what was done in the Create a Website: Styling workshop. In this class, we will talk about why responsiveness is the way to design any site. We will look into the different markers that make up a responsive site, before diving into the different ways to change a layout (displays, floats, flexbox, grid). Finally we will work on a couple of exercises to get comfortable with the new concepts taught in the class. This class assumes that you have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Sandra Bermond | Innovation Co-Lab Program Manager
Sandra manages the Innovation Co-Lab roots program as well as teaches several workshops. She has a background in web design and front-end development, as well as a passion for artistic endeavors regardless of the medium.



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Date Monday, October 25th, 2021
Time 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Location Online
Leader Sandra Bermond
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