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Status Title Facilitators Location Time asc Enrolled
Open SQL Karen Collins TEC - Classroom Thursday 2/22, 2-4pm 19 of 20
Open Introduction to Programming in Python Yunfan Zhang, Maria Liberovsky TEC - Classroom Friday 2/23, 1-3pm 20 of 20
Open Intro to APIs Brian Norberg TEC - Classroom Monday 2/26, 3-5pm 20 of 20
Open A Little More Linux Jimmy Dorff TEC - Classroom Tuesday 2/27, 1-3pm [multiple sessions] 10 of 20
Open Introduction to Connected Hardware Maria Liberovsky TEC - Classroom Tuesday 2/27, 4-6pm 20 of 20
Open Programming Fundamentals Maria Liberovsky TEC - Classroom Wednesday 2/28, 1:30-3:30pm 13 of 20
Open 3D Scanning Mitch Abrams TEC - Classroom Wednesday 2/28, 5-7pm 18 of 20
Open Intro to Git Maria Liberovsky TEC - Classroom Monday 3/19, 2-4pm 5 of 20
Open DTech Scholars: Introduction to Connected Hardware Maria Liberovsky TEC - Classroom Tuesday 3/20, 1:30-3:30pm 3 of 20
Open MySQL Andy Ingham TEC - Classroom Tuesday 3/20, 4-6pm 2 of 20

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