Agile and Open Source Project Management: Hacking your team’s productivity in education and beyond, a Co-Lab + OSPRI Workshop


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Collaboration is the secret sauce that takes any bold idea from ideation to successful implementation. But often, we fall short, tapping into only the tip of our team’s iceberg potential. Teams often aim too low or, worse yet, run out of steam due to sub-par project management practice. The good news: We can accelerate any project team from 0 to 100 quickly and painlessly.

Join Tanner Johnson, current Fulbright Scholar, Duke CS ‘18 and CSbyUs (https://csbyus.herokuapp.com/home) Co-Founder, and Dr. Aria Chernik, Founder and Director of Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation (OSPRI)(https://ospri.ssri.duke.edu/), Lecturing Fellow at the Social Science Research Institute, and CSbyUs Co-Founder, to explore how they helped grow CSbyUs from an undergraduate independent study to a bustling team of 20 that’s already impacted 200+ public school students in Durham. We’ll dig deep into the iterative process of finding a project management style that’s working for us, focusing on agile and open-source mindsets, and discuss how we’ve leveraged technologies such as GitHub and Slack to hack our productivity. If you’re part of a team (and trust us, you are), then this hands-on workshop is for you.

PS: there will be food!

Subjects: agile development project management



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Date Thursday, February 21st, 2019
Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location TEC - Classroom
Leaders Tanner Johnson, Aria Chernik
Enrolled 22 of 30
The TEC (Technology Engagement Center) Classroom is in the Telcom Building. To get there, just walk down the stairs from Perkins/Bostock like you’re heading towards CIEMAS. When you get to the road halfway down, make a right and Telcom is the building ahead of you to the left. The Technology Engagement Center is the first floor, so just enter in the front of the building. The classroom is to the right of the entrance, adjacent to the center circular room. http://maps.duke.edu/map/?id=21&mrkIid=2765