Introduction to React.js


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React is a "javascript library for building user interfaces", and is by far the most widely used interface tool. If you are curious as to what React is, what it isn't, how to use it and how to learn more about it, then join us as we walk through an introduction to React.

In this class, we will walk through some fundamental React concepts, and we will build a simple React component together. Then you will learn how you can import open source React components in your project. Finally, we'll take a look at a simple calculator app written in React.

If you have some basic understanding of HTML, Javascript and programming, then you are a perfect fit for this course. No previous React experience required, as we will primarily be focusing on the basics. You don't even need to bring a computer!

All of the course materials will be provided to you via the Roots site after the class. This includes slides, and the small React calculator application files should you want to take a look at it first hand.

Course Objectives:
Gain an understanding of what React is, and what it isn't
Learn the fundamental concepts of React Components
Build a simple react component
Import existing React component library (Material UI)
Walk through a simple calculator, built in React
How to learn more about React

Course prerequisites:
Some basic understanding of javascript is expected (ES6 is a plus, but not required)
Some basic understanding of programming is expected (javascript arrays, functions, loops)
HTML fundamentals

Subjects: front-end dev javascript react.js web development



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Date Friday, April 5th, 2019
Time 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Location TEC - Classroom
Leader Will McCreery
Enrolled 13 of 30
The TEC (Technology Engagement Center) Classroom is in the Telcom Building. To get there, just walk down the stairs from Perkins/Bostock like you’re heading towards CIEMAS. When you get to the road halfway down, make a right and Telcom is the building ahead of you to the left. The Technology Engagement Center is the first floor, so just enter in the front of the building. The classroom is to the right of the entrance, adjacent to the center circular room. http://maps.duke.edu/map/?id=21&mrkIid=2765