GitLab-CI & Docker


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Research software has become more complex, and more complexity has made sharing computing methods and results more challenging. This workshop provides researchers in the humanities, arts, and sciences an opportunity to become familiar with tools that are available on the Duke Compute Cluster and are in wide use in the research computing world. The workshop will introduce the tools and provide hands-on experience. Researchers with software they want to package -- or "containerize" -- for use on the cluster or elsewhere will be able to do so.

This four-hour workshop will introduce the use of Docker containers (https://www.docker.com/) with GitLab Continuous Integration (CI) (https://about.gitlab.com/features/gitlab-ci-cd/). In the first part of the class, we will cover the basic use of Docker to create software containers and their use. In the second part, we will then go over using GitLab’s CI process to create, teat, and finally deploy Docker containers.
Participants can get help "containerizing" their own software package during the workshop.

Pre-requisites: In order to make sure that all participants can benefit the most, people taking part should be familiar with using Git and have an account on Duke's internal Gitlab service (https://gitlab.oit.duke.edu/). Duke's Gitlab uses Shibboleth authentication and is freely available to anyone with a NetID. Comfort with the Linux command line is required. The class is open to all Duke students, staff, and faculty.

Subjects: advanced container containerization reproducibility software deployment software stack



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Date Friday, February 1st, 2019
Time 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location TEC - Classroom
Leaders Mike Newton, Jeremy Thornhill
Enrolled 25 of 30
The TEC (Technology Engagement Center) Classroom is in the Telcom Building. To get there, just walk down the stairs from Perkins/Bostock like you’re heading towards CIEMAS. When you get to the road halfway down, make a right and Telcom is the building ahead of you to the left. The Technology Engagement Center is the first floor, so just enter in the front of the building. The classroom is to the right of the entrance, adjacent to the center circular room. http://maps.duke.edu/map/?id=21&mrkIid=2765